Mobile phones

In 2023, our faculty started to use exclusively mobile telephone devices and telephone tariffs according to the framework agreement of CTU with the mobile operator. Employees, or other persons based on the decision of their supervisors, can obtain a business mobile phone number, which will be published as an official phone contact in the phone directories on the website (usermap, faculty website, etc.). It is possible to apply for a service phone or to use an activated service SIM card / eSIM in your own phone. The rules on the use of mobile phones are detailed in the Secretary's Directive No. 46/2022.

Telephone devices

At present, two models are issued to employees as faculty phones, namely the CAT B40 and the Maxcom MM28D (this model is a desktop phone designed for e.g. laboratories). The CAT B40 phone has a directory of contacts (phone numbers) of faculty staff or office numbers loaded on it and the user can update it as needed according to the instructions below. The Maxcom MM28D phone has no internal memory, contacts are stored directly on the SIM card, which allows up to 250 contacts to be uploaded.

Activating eSIM

To activate it is necessary to find out the eID (a long number containing normally 32 digits) and enter the request for eSIM activation including this number via the helpdesk (mobile telephony component). eID can be displayed on some phones by dialling *#06#, if this method does not work you will have to follow the manufacturer's instructions or for selected phones there are detailed instructions for obtaining the eID.

Telephone directory

Personal phone numbers can be searched in Usermap, the complete list, including room phones with current data, can also be viewed in the format PDF (Alternatively PDF divided by departments).

Updating telephone contacts

MM28D desk phone

Create Helpdesk ticket to update the contacts on your phone's SIM card.

CAT B40 push button phone

  1. Download a contact file to your computer in the format VCF.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable, select [File Transfer] on your phone, and confirm.
  3. On the computer, the phone's internal memory is displayed as a connected USB drive named "Cat B40".
  4. Upload the appropriate VCF contacts file and disconnect the phone from the computer.
  5. Open the Contacts menu on your phone and delete the old contacts (Menu Options - Delete more - Options - Mark all - Options - OK - confirm OK).
  6. In the Contacts menu, select Options - Import/Export - Import contacts - select the uploaded contacts file, select it (with the button between the arrows on the keyboard) - OK.

Add phone contacts to your smartphone

In a web browser, open VCF file (Alternatively VCF without accents) and import into the contact details application. In case you don't need the phone numbers of all faculty members, you can filter contacts only for some organizational units (e.g. department + dean's office) and let the selected VCF format be imported into the smartphone phonebook again.

Alternatively, you can use your existing contacts by connecting your Exchange account to your mobile phone. In this case, your personal contact list will be made available, which you can expand by importing a selected list of persons (in CSV format in minimum Outlook format) directly into (online) Outlook. 

Call and mobile prices, billing

By order of the Rector 2020/17 (title II, paragraph 1/b/iv) mobile services at CTU are competed centrally. Basic price overview according to the currently valid framework contract summarises the brief table of mobile service prices. Their managers have access to the details of their centre's billing, and in the same place they can also find an overview of numbers for which it would be more advantageous to set up unlimited calls within the Czech Republic.